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“The nuclear apocalypse embodied in two idiots”

We are working hard to deliver that 90’s co-op arcade games feelings back, so you can play this real nuclear disaster alone or with a friend (*).

When DD and KK -two of the dumbest people alive- got lost hiking in the country side, they manage to avoid the nuclear apocalypse that devastated almost the entire civilization. Thus, a perfect stage was set for them to make the most out of the guns they have in order to restore things as they think must be: keep beers protected, rescue TV sex symbols, fight tons of green dudes … Fast paced shoot ’em up with some RPG flavour integrated.

We have no release dates yet, but expect a Steam Greenlight campaing to be announced late this year. Till then, enjoy the video we did for the Indie Burger Awards of a work in progress version from mid June:

(*) Friends not included in the game

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