Brief history of CrazyBits Studios since 2010, our year 0.

CrazyBits is a small indie gamedev studio that develops games for consoles and PCs.

We started our road back in 2010, in Asturias, Spain, where we are currently located, with a very different, less mature, approach of what game development is. In the past we have worked on mobile titles, but this was not the market we were looking for, so we switched to more familiar tides in a different sea. Now, we are approaching what we think are safer shores with titles for players of a more classic profile. And we are having more fun in developing those games, so expect this to be a change forever. What will not change is our appreciation to some people that were working with us while they were studying, Poli and Edu, which put their best as professionals and in personal terms.

Anyway, as we are small, really indie, and focused on making whatever we want, we cannot promise that all our games will be equal in genre or style, but they will be in the passion we put in them. We hope that you enjoy them, so why are you still reading this crap when you can be checking (and even downloading!) some of our work? Come on, check the previous mobile games or the new ones in progress!

By the way, in case you would like to drop us a line, feel free to send it to