When Danny Destroyer and Kurt Karnage -two of the dumbest people alive- got lost hiking in the country side, they accidentally manage to avoid the nuclear apocalypse that devastated almost the entire civilization. Thus, a perfect stage was set for them to pull out their love for guns in order to restore things as they think must be: keep beers safe, fight tons of green dudes, destroy some annoying buildings and, above all, search for Monique Maxisexy, their favorite TV sex symbol.

Trespassers is a fast paced shoot ’em up with some RPG flavour that let’s you enjoy that frantic button smashing vibe you are missing. Best of all, bring your best friend (*) home and share the afternoon trying to defeat tons of enemies as you make your way to the very center of the city, where your fate (and maybe your missing TV sex symbol) is.

(*) Friend not included with the game.

Downloads: you can -and must!- check the game in Steam:

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Trespassers was made using Unity3d and fmod (by Firelight Technologies Pty Ltd), which we highly recommend

  • Genre Sidescroller action shoot 'em up
  • Platforms PC (Steam)
  • Year 2017