A Mad Journey Minigolf was our first professional (only if you consider we were paying taxes for developing games) attempt at making games. Back in 2010, the mobile bubble hadn’t yet exploded in our faces, so it seemed like a good choice to attempt for a 3D game featuring 2 characters in a fantasy inspired minigolf game. Things were that, after some months getting the gist of the engine (Unity 2.??? back then) and modelling and texturing everything as good as we could -which was not enough, by the way-, we could release a first version with 10 levels at $2. One and a half months later we released another 10 levels that took place in a different place, an abandoned fair instead of a mutant jungle.

The result was that we learnt so much in the process, so it was, in some way, worth doing. We didn’t manage to get rich with this game, not poor by the way, but had money enough to keep on developing some more mobile games. We didn’t know what we were heading to 😉

Verdict: highly amateurish production, as the first that many of us make. We missed the target audience and misunderstood the market by large. We greatly appreciate the support from friends and family with this project.

Anecdote: The initial “A” in the name was introduced after talking with a local senior game developer which suggested that it may be useful to help positioning the game. Well, it didn’t help, but we appreciate his advice anyway.

Anecdote: The game was later split into two parts, following the advice of one of those mobile “publishers” that are not so good at what they are supposed to. Thus, we have two download links instead of one.