Funny Safari was our second -failed- attempt to enter the mobile market. The premise, back in 2010, was quite simple. In fact, it was almost the same as a very popular title featuring a bird flying along a level: touch the screen at the proper moment, with perfect timing. The theme was taking pics of animals while the speed of the level increased.

We faced so many problems in the development of this game, that lead to an original version that had not so much to do with the release years later, done from scratch. Of course, monetization failed in any possible way, but that is another story. Our problems had to do with the team not getting the same idea that was written in the game design document prepared while we were working on A Mad Journey, so we tried patching it with things that were not originally in the idea. The result was a disaster, so we cut the development earlier than expected just to get into new projects.

But as things were not quite as they should, in 2014 we decided to remake this game in 1 week. It was a 1 man project, featuring pixel art, ridiculous speed, and a new feature that we loved: when you miss a photograph, the photo itself is shown to you, the player, so you could check why have you failed. 2014 was so late for this game, but we felt that we needed to revamp the game and be true to our core idea. We used this to try a simple pixel art with specific colour palettes.

Verdict: the first was crap. The second, true version, was acceptable as a one week, one man project. And we love the shitty pixel art of this game.

Anecdote: the game change its name about 5-6 times, because previous names were reserved, or not adequate enough. We were trying to get to young audiences with this name, but the initial game was not good enough.

  • Genre Casual game
  • Platforms Android, iOS
  • Year 2011, 2014