At least! At the end of 2012 we started to work on a title that would be released in April 2014: Beware Of The Horde. It was not a year working full time on it, but took so much, as it was a new approach to our development process that served to learn so much. It was our last attempt on mobile markets, a twist on the Tower Defense genre where you played as the minions marching against the towers. The forces of good had, for long years, been banishing all those little guys without remorse. Now, it was the turn for them to try and turn the tables.

It was our final approach to mobile because the game didn’t manage to reach the expectations, although it was not a bad game at all. It may have lacked of length, but the 10 hand crafted levels were more than enough challenge for most of the players. It featured 3 different ambiences, several units and many upgrades for them. Units were reasonably different, so you could play following your play style. They were separated into basic, support and heavy support, each one built at a different type of barrack, which provided different advantages. Gosh! Now that we are recapitulating, we feel that we could have expanded onto all that ideas we had. We really liked them.

The mobile market was not receptive about this game, so we decided that, once and for all, we should switch to other markets.

Verdict: we do not claim that this is a really good game, it has flaws (performance, length, sound, music, lack of personality in some enemies maybe), but we regard it as the best we have done till 2014. We hold appreciattion for it and all the hard work it took. Specially when just one of the 2 making the game had experience, and we didn’t have a real 3D artist.

Some screenshots:

  • Genre RTS
  • Platforms iOS
  • Year 2014