After some internal restructuring, there was only a barebones team (a programmer!) and we needed to tackle some challenges in the production. The goal with this “game” was to understand the production pipeline for future projects.

It was going to be a “Simon says” game for a young audience. Colourful, simple to understand, and with a totally failed monetization model behind. It featured different animals that appeared once you clicked on the right button, which had a color, the image of an animal, and the associated sound. Once you did, the animal appeared on the bottom of the screen, moving from right to left. Totally overkill.

Verdict: The design, in every possible way, was questionable (that means “horrible”), but we needed to understand and learn by doing, and this was the game that was going to help us gather part of that knowledge. A game we are not proud of, but everyone has a past. Time to move on!

  • Genre Casual
  • Platforms Android, iOS
  • Year 2012