Characters somersaulting

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Right into the development and after talking with other developers at Madrid Games Week 2015 (where we could further test our game, but that would make up for another story), we felt the needed to recover a special kind of move that we discarded temporarily earlier. In its previous state, it was the characters sliding on the ground, so they could reduce their hit box, and pass below some obstacles, or even small gaps.

But it didn’t work as well as we wanted. You could only slide where you were standing on the ground (“thank you, Captain Obvious”), and it led to problems with places where players could go to the floor below, through hatches in the ground, for example, as the command was pressing down + jump, in an old school fashion, which happened to be the same for going through hatches. Or even worse, they could end their movement in a place small enough where they didn’t fit, so they needed to keep sliding. It killed a bit of the action. The solution -as almost always-, was to simplify things. We recover the idea, because we needed to provide:

A) Additional means (*) to move faster

B) Something close to the dashing movement in the Smash Bros series

To solve the problem, now we allow to perform the maneuver whenever you want, BUT you still have collision box, which is the main difference from Smash Bros’ dash. Why? Because it wouldn’t be fair for you to be so overpowered compared to the enemies (the main games in SB are PVP, so everyone is in the same conditions), but it is still an advantage as most of the enemies have a small time before attacking, but high enough for players to avoid them.

The somersault that our pixel artist made was so perfect for the mission. It was a bit dumb, as the characters, really dynamic, and provided a clear vision of how much space does the character need while performing the maneuver. The code did the rest, and the propulsion given to the player feels quite good, although we will need some testing the feature.


(*) In fact, the recoil of the weapons can be used in a “pro” way, to jump really higher. Inspiration from that old and marvelous rocket jumping technique from Quake.

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