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“The nuclear apocalypse embodied in two idiots”

We are working hard to deliver that 90’s co-op arcade games feelings back, so you can play this real nuclear disaster alone or with a friend (*).

When DD and KK -two of the dumbest people alive- got lost hiking in the country side, they manage to avoid the nuclear apocalypse that devastated almost the entire civilization. Thus, a perfect stage was set for them to make the most out of the guns they have in order to restore things as they think must be: keep beers protected, rescue TV sex symbols, fight tons of green dudes … Fast paced shoot ’em up with some RPG flavour integrated.

We have no release dates yet, but expect a Steam Greenlight campaing to be announced late this year. Till then, enjoy the video we did for the Indie Burger Awards of a work in progress version from mid June:

(*) Friends not included in the game

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  1. Nice

    • Thank you ;). That was a rather old video (~3 months), so we had time to improve and add new content that will be showcasing at Madrid Games Week in 2 weeks. We will post more posts about the development process

  2. Hey Team,

    Are you looking for testers of your game or help with soft launch?

    Feel free to send me an email:



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